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Our Key Advantages

With ComBtas, you can rely on a system that provides all of the functionalities required for your corporate travel management needs in one easy-to-use platform.

Get detailed reports, with analyses of online and offline expenses. Our intuitive platform doesn't require complicated third party tools or systems, so that you can easily manage all of your travel expenses and policies.

Manage your expenses before your trip and get notified before every expense for full control and cost-effectiveness. All of your travel data is saved within the "Budget Matrix", which allows you to track how each expense affects your overall budget for the trip. Get expense reports along with a clear view of past and potential spending for more efficient decision making.

ComBtas also provides a "statement match", which automatically reconciles issued proposals from travel agents with statements. Discrepancies are highlighted to allow for more accurate travel agent control and to reduce human error.

Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from the ComBtas platform.

Manage and control your travels, before you actually spent the money. Manage your budgets and enforce company policies before your trip even starts in order to control your expenses instead of only monitoring them after the fact.

When creating a travel request, the estimated costs for all services are calculated based on cost tables maintained per region, country, and city before the actual proposal is even created. Miscellaneous costs, such as internet, entertainment, calls, and more can also be added.

ComBtas facilitates the process of sending travel agents proposal requests. While other market solutions provide online booking services alone, ComBtas helps you get additional data and communicate with the travel agents through of the application.

All of the online and offline travel requests are saved within the system and you can search and book online, or send offline requests to the travel agent for additional information or a proposal. All this is done on one platform, which includes expense analyses and reporting. As part of the implementation process, you can choose to implement online or offline services, or a combination of both.

Communication with travel agents is done within the application. travel agent data is automatically transferred from the GDS and back-office to ComBtas, including proposals, issued services, and statements. This reduces the need to work with emails and phone calls, and allows you to manage all of your trip data in one place.

Easy enforcement of company policies, including:

  • Unlimited hierarchy levels according to the company's organizational structure
  • Unlimited number of approval flows
  • Unlimited number of approval levels

Define exception approvers, for example:

  • Define a simple rule that requires additional approval to be added when 3 or more people travel to the same place at the same time.
  • You can add a rule that requires adding additional approvers when a travel request is made at the last minute.
  • You can add a rule when budget exceeds X%

These are only a few of the many possibilities with the ComBtas platform. By turning parameters on or off, or making slight adjustments, you can save significantly on travel costs. In addition, complete transparency of the traveler's activities leads to smarter decisions by all parties.

Unlike other solutions, ComBtas can be installed in a SaaS cloud-based environment, or as a plug-in solution. Companies that require a secure backbone solution due to various security reasons can also benefit from ComBtas, making it a useful solution for all types of organizations from governments and banks to businesses of all sizes.

The efficient implementation process uses parameters defined by project managers and implementers - no development teams are required. Most implementations take 2-6 weeks, depending on customer involvement.

The Administrator Menu allows project managers and company administrators to:

  • Build the application based on the company's policies and regulations.
  • Maintain and update data on an ongoing basis when ComBtas is made up of modules built on one platform. Once one module is implemented, additional modules can be switched on or off and set up using our efficient and effective implementation methodology.

Application flexibility provides numerous capabilities to meet your requirements and specifications:

  • Connect to all GDSs
  • Connect to all standard ERP applications
  • Connect to UATP/Airplus/AMEX for automatic statement reconciliation
  • Connect to different currency exchange websites
  • Work with an unlimited number of TMCs simultaneously

Installation can be done via SaaS or within the company's internal backbone. Additional requirements can be considered depending on company policy.


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About Combtas

ComBtas is a leading provider of travel expense management software designed for corporations and small & medium enterprises (SMEs).

ComBtas offers corporate customers an efficient and comprehensive travel management solution with all of the needed features in one easy-to-use platform. Businesses benefit from real-time control and supervision of all travel and expense activity for increased cost-effectiveness.

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