What we do

ComBTAS specializes in expense and travel management systems for business companies and organizations. Its excellent team works hard to optimize and simplify the business expense and travel process and make it cost-effective for any sized corporation.

An abundance of knowledge and experience merges to build expense & travel systems and apps. ComBTAS supplies end-to-end solutions that can help you control your budget and save money. In short, we make business travel lean, efficient, and economical.

ComBTAS started with one product – TAS – the employees’ business travel management system. The Coronavirus reduced business travel, and comBTAS identified the need for remote work solutions. New income tax regulations introduced in 2020 presented the opportunity to advance to a paperless model. This model induced the company to develop the cExpense app – a simple expense management app that saves any organization time and trouble. cApprove was the next in line. An approval management app that interfaces with TAS and cExpense and any accounting software available in the market. The company is working on additional apps like cWallet – the electronic wallet.


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Check out all the other efficient tools we have to offer in the product section and be sure to stay in touch. We may have more surprises up our sleeve.

Operating efficiently at a dynamic work pace is difficult when you have to rely on traditional ways of managing paperwork. It sabotages your organization's productivity.

That is why ComBTas developed cExpense, the expense management solution.
cExpense is an advanced digital system for managing employees' corporate expenses. cExpense eliminates the outdated and bulky manual process of typing in receipts, filing, and storing them for years. In addition, you can choose whether to manage expenses with cExpense as a stand-alone app or connect it to ComBtas's other efficient tools – TAS, travel management system, and cApprove, the expense approval system.


ComBTAS's Online Booking tool is an in-company technological platform that connects to your travel agent's system or any content provider of your choice. All the information you require is at the tip of your hand, and you're not dependent on your travel agent's availability.

The Online Booking Tool handles online travel requests and allows your company's employees to search and make reservations online and send requests to the travel agent quickly and easily after completing the whole process independently on the company's systems.

The connection to the travel agency's system, on the one hand, and to your corporation's finance system, on the other hand, brings to a complete and transparent presentation, reporting, controlling, and managing.

ComBTAS's Online Booking tool includes a sophisticated engine that calculates all the various aspects of each service required, like flights, hotels, and car rental. Each service receives credit or debit points according to your company's pre-defined policies and procedures. These enable the employees planning a business trip to choose the best service for them and the company.


These days it seems you can’t get anything going smoothly in companies and organizations if you never want to lose track of your employees’ actions and expenses. c-Approve relieves all the hassle and simplifies the whole approval process. It is a unique and unlimited tool in terms of customizable configuration possibilities. c-Approve is built from A to Z according to the client’s requirements, including policies, conditions, alerts, and more. 

c-Approve has a robust approval module. Use it as a stand-alone unit or connect it to any other tool requiring an approval process.



ComBTAs just thought of yet another way to simplify corporate travel and expenses management: cWallet.

cWallet integrates with ComBTAS’s other efficiency promoting tools like TAS, cExpense, and cApprove. It enables you to make all your organizational and private purchases in just one place and with just one click.

One place for both organizational and private purchases? Isn’t that a bit risky?

With cWallet, there’s no risk or danger of mixing up personal and business transactions.
At the end of the month or any period you choose to define in the system, c-Wallet presents you with a concise report. You can directly distinguish between the transaction types as simple as checking a box.