TAS System – User Manual


Table of contents

3 Introduction

3 First log-in

4 User profile pic

5 New travel request

6 Travel request fields

7 Travel Description

8 Travel Specification
& Preferences

9 Budget & Project

10 Travel Business remarks

11 Additional information

12 Rotation info

13 Proposals

16 Expanse report


Read me first!

Welcome to COMBTAS System.

COMBTAS is the
leading Software solution for business traveling Analysis system, TAS system
main objective is to automate your business travel, expanse an invoice
management, increase human productivity and save up to 23% from your overall
traveling expanses.

Important to know

The actual screens may vary due to ongoing in the live system, in that case you may use the help index in each page for further information.

Software, images, and other media provided in the system are licensed for limited use.

This user manual will guide you through the process step by step.

Step No. 1 – Travel Request

After your first login (for a new user), a welcome page will open
(see pic no.1)

Press the “Profile” button. Here you
will fill in all your profile details, like:

Passport, Visa, club Memberships, essential
telephone numbers… and etc.

If you choose not
to fill the profile details, while creating your first Travel request, you won’t
be able to submit the request. Unless you have inserted your Passport

Pic no. 1 – Welcome page


Pic no. 2 – User Profile








Press the “New Travel Request” button
(Pic no. 3)

 Pic no. 3 – Task


A new window will
open (see pic no. 4).

The system enables you to create a new trip for yourself
or for other travelers.

Choose one of the options:

Pic no. 4 – New travel request



Pressing the continue
button will open the “Travel request” (see pic no. 5).

At the upper bar you
can see the TAS Number, the status of the request (always as a “Draft”) and the
name of the traveler.

Please, note that the progress bar shows
that the Request is in the stage ofTravel Request”


Pic no. 5- Progress Bar


Initiating a request:

There are four section to fill in (see
pic no. 7).

The first two sections must be defined at
the begging.

The other two sections are not mandatory
and will vary as per the company’s policy. The system will alert the user if
any mandatory fields were left empty.

Pic no. 6- Travel Request sections





 <Travel Description –in this
section the traveler defines the destination of the trip and the services he will
need. In order for the system to create the segments, press the “Specify Your
” button.

Pic no. 7- Travel Request – First Section –
Travel Description







2.   Travel Specification & Preferences
in this section the traveler can specify more details:

His preferred airline, hotel, car, hours of the flights, estimation cost,
additional services like passport & visa etc.

Pic no. 8- Travel Request – Second Section –
Travel Specification & Preferences




      Budget & Project – in this
section the traveler will usually see his default department
& Project he is assigned
to. If he wishes to change it, he can pick one of the values from the relevant
fields. He can also enter his agenda for his trip in the Travel Business

Pic no. 9- Travel Request – Third Section –
Budget & Project




<!4.   Additional Information:

      In this section the user can enter a request

      for a vacation during his trip, the system will deducted the vacation

      days from his per diem calculation.

      Cash advance– the traveler can issues a request

       for a deposit from the accounting department

       (this feature is activated as per company policy only).

       Including traveler – this feature help the traveler to tell

       with whom he is traveling with :

       College, family and etc.  This feature is useful to organize the trip

        for a group (for sharing Taxi, Car, Hotel flight and etc.)


       Pic no. 10- Travel Request – Fourth Section –

Additional information








Pic no. 11- Continue Button

Pressing the Continue to submit the Request “button (see Pic
no. 11), will forward the user to the Preview Travel request
screen (see pi no. 12). This enables the traveler to check that all the data
entered fits his trip needs.

If the user wants to change / update the Request it can be done by
pressing the back button in theTravel request “page.


Pic no. 12- Preview of Travel Request



The user can view the status of the approval workflow and the list of the approving
managers0f his trip, by pressing the “Rottation info” button (see pic. 13).

This screen displays the full rotation of the trip starting with the Travel request
approval and ends with the expensses flow. Also, This screen display the Out of
policy alerts if occurred, The date and time of the approver action.


Pic no. 13- Rotation info

To finalize the request the user must
press the Submit Travel Request Button.






Pic no. 14- Travel Request

The system updates the user on screen with his TAS number and the
name of the approver that receives the TAS (see pic no. 15).

 Pic no. 15- Info Message


Step No. 2
– Proposal


After submitting the request, the user will be notified by the
Travel agent / Coordinator (Depends on the company policy &workflow) With
the relevant proposals via e-mail or system task.

The user can review the proposals at the Proposal
section bar (see pic. 16).

If the user has the relevant privileges he can choose the services /
segments himself. If not, the coordinator will do it for him.(See pic. 17)



Pic no. 16- Tool par process


Pic no. 17- Proposals

To choose the relevant proposal from the list, the
user / coordinator should mark the checkbox of the relevant proposal.

To view more details on the proposal, press the

By pressing the Send Proposal to Approval(See
pic no. 19) the user / coordinator will be forwarded to the Preview
Proposal Approval
screen (See pic no. 20).

By pressing the Send button (See pic no.
20) the Travel Request will be forwarded to Approval workflow.

Once the request is approved by all
managers it will be submitted automatically to the Travel Agent for ticketing.

The status of the request will then
change to “Approved”.



Pic no. 19- Proposals



Pic no. 20- Selected Preview Proposal







Step No. 3 – Expense Report


In order to initiate an expense report,
the user will receive a notification via email or System task that will
instruct him to fill out the Expense report (See pic no.21)

Two methods are available to fill the
expense report:

1.    Using the expenses APP via mobile.

2.    Using the TAS system

In this document we will describe the
second method.


Pic no. 21- Task – Send Expense Report

Pressing the task, will open the expense

Initiating an Expense Report:

There are four section to fill out an
Expense Report (see pic no. 22).

Pic no. 22- Expense Report


    1.End Travel Confirmation: the user reviews the trip data and must

approve: dates, hours, services and vacation. Did the user made changes he must
update this section?

update will affect the Per Diem calculation. (See pic no. 23)


Pic no. 23- Expense Report


      2.    Expenses:

In this section the user will insert and state
his expenses manually (insert the receipts).

To insert the expenses press the “Add new Expense

The currency of the reimbursement is located at
the right upper corner for the user to make sure.

The total reimbursement amount is located at
the lower right of the table.

     3.    Per Diem this section reflects to the user the total per diem calculation.

Did the
user state a vacation during the trip, the system will deduct its value from
the per diem. (See pic no. 25)


Pic no. 25- Per Diem Section


    4.   Remark – the

      user can write remarks regarding his trip and any other issue concerning the expense
report in his own words.(See pic no. 26)


Pic no. 26- Remark Section


Once the user finishes to insert the data in all the sections, he can submit
the expense report.

The status of the request will change to “Expenses Approval”. The report then
starts approval workflow in the accounting department.

After the final approval of the report by the accounting department, the
status of the report will change to “Close” and the user will be notified.



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