Control & Policy Enforcement

With ComBtas, you can control all of the expenses before spending a dime. ComBtas calculates costs based on estimated cost tables which are maintained per region, country, and city so as to provide an estimated cost for each trip before an actual proposal is created. Miscellaneous costs, such as internet, phone, and entertainment can also be added.

All travel data is uploaded to the Budget Matrix. Every cost that is added to the trip is deducted from the matrix as an estimate, and is then reconciled in the Budget Matrix once actual costs are confirmed. This provides managers with budget visibility at the very beginning, allowing for more informed decisions pertaining to the budget before approval.

The approval process can be defined by user data or by organizational hierarchy. An unlimited number of approval processes can be defined: by country, region, user position, trip type, company policy, etc. Policy exceptions are automatically escalated to assigned approvers.

An approver can approve or reject a trip within the system or via email on their smartphone or tablet.