Release notes

New features, General fixes & improvements


New features, General fixes & improvements


General fixes & improvements

Enable define expense type by trip / report type & option to declare expense that don't need receipt
New Report - Proposals

New! Skip filling up profile for expense only systems

Duplicate proposals in the same trip & re-use  draft expense reports 

Version 3.26 and previous 

3.1.20220410 | April 2022

Fix for saving the selected "Project" from expense line, after adding receipt photo

New features, General fixes & improvements

Add instruction to start typing when unit & project fields are empty,

Percentage field is now writeable

The screen is now scrollable to allow full view of what is typed

Show approvers remark on rejected expenses, by pressing the red exclamation mark in the expense header

Allow scrolling content of expense validations before sending the expense report

3.1.20211212 | 12 December 2021

See the explanation (tooltip) of expense type while filling up expense.
Update the text of the password recovery according to TAS3

3.1.20211118 | 18 November 2021

Fix selecting hotel dates by trip dates
Fix Forgot password

3.1.20211102 | 2 November 2021

Displays the approving manager to whom the report was sent

3.1.20220620 | 20 June 2022

Fix SSO Login

3.1.20211128 | 28 November 2021

Fix Login

3.1.20211212 | 4 November 2021