Implementation of the application is efficient using parameters that can be defined by project managers and implementers (no development teams required). From our best practice, most implementations take between 2-6 weeks depending on customer involvement.

Administrator menu enables project managers/company admin to: Build the application based on the company’s policy and regulations On going – Maintain/update data when relevant Because TAS is one end to end solution, the overall system is installed even if implemented partially. If additional modules are added subsequently– the implementation is just switching on the relevant parameters. Using best practice successful implementation methodology

The application flexibility gives the customer numerous choices according to the customer’s specification and requirements:

  • Connect to all GDSs
  • Connect to all standard ERP applications
  • Connect to UATP/Airplus/AMEX for automatic statement reconciliation
  • Connect to different currency exchange webs
  • Work with unlimited number of TMCs at the same time
  • Installation via SAAS or within the internal backbone Plus And any other customer’s specific requirement based on company policy