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Manually typing in all the expenses receipts every month was a Sisyphean project. Employees had to put into this labor many hours, which burdened the department. Sadly, manual typing also led to many mistakes like wrong sums and also inspection issues.

After Wix advanced to using the comBTAS cExpense paperless system, there's a feeling of relief in the finance department, but not only there. The employees fill in expense reports quickly and easily in the application; this relieved a significant load off the finance department. The company now enjoys fast processes, fund savings, accurate control over all employees' data, policies enforcement, and rapid approval rounds. All these factors are highly purposeful for Wix.

Avi Stern, VP Finance at Wix


cExpense is so much easier than filling out the dreadful excel reports. So happy to have this software now!

Sam Bratsztejn, Strategic Alliances Manager at



ComBTAS demonstrated their commitment to our tight schedule by adjusting their resources and showing flexibility to our requirements on short notice.

Katriel Magid, Project Director at Teoco (travel traffic – 30M$)


comBTAS implemented our system, including the GetThere online booking tool in the UK and other countries, giving us the flexibility to adjust the policy according to the site's different demands.


Eran Muskat, Project Manager at Sapiens (travel traffic – 10M$)

comBTAS was the only company that provided us with a tool to manage all corporate travel according to Electra's policies and supplied an expense management solution for all our subsidiaries.

Electra (travel traffic: 1.5M$)

comBTAS was the best solution for our specific and unique requirements and the best match for our worldwide branches.

Elinor Dvilanski, Travel Manager at Playtika:

ComBTAS managed to implement our complex policy in the system, especially in financial aspects (per diem, expense rules, and more). We are also able to generate any needed report using TAS's wide range of reports.

Elena Niazov, Payroll manager at Siemens: