ComBtas provides you with the best travel end expense management solution built on one platform with endless possibilities. Our limitless solution is fully customizable with many useful features to meet all of your needs. ComBtas is a flexible application that provides you with numerous choices to meet your personal requirements:

why combtas picture

  • Full budget control, visibility, and online updates throughout the trip.
  • Unlimited approvers.
  • Online and offline (travel agency) reservations are handled within the system.
  • Connectivity to all GDSs.
  • Interfaces with all standard ERP applications.
  • Connectivity to UATP/Airplus for automatic statement reconciliation.
  • Work with an unlimited number of travel agents simultaneously.
  • Installation via SaaS or within a company’s internal backbone

Implementation of ComBtas is efficient and can take only 2-3 weeks by using parameters that can be defined by project managers and implementers – no development required.