Online and Offline Reservations


  • ComBtas captures online and offline travel requests and allows you to search and book online and send offline requests to your TRAVEL AGENT while managing the entire process within the system. Online and offline expense information is analyzed in the platform and provides a complete reportable database.
  • Our online booking tool has a sophisticated engine that applies a weighted score to all of the different dimensions of each service, such as flights, hotels, and car rentals. Points are credited or debited according to company policy, which helps the traveler choose the best service for the company. Multiple factors are considered, for example the cheapest price may have three connections, which is not in line with company policy.

    “Out of policy” results can be defined and managed. For example: all results can be displayed with booking disabled. An out of policy service can be reserved, but requires special approval to book, in which case the relevant approver would automatically receive the request.

    There are multiple flight reservation parameters: price, marketing agreements, flight classes, elapsed time, sites (the closest airport to the defined location). For hotel reservations, a mechanism is based on a multi-iteration process according to destination proximity. Rules can be defined by continent, country, city, and even site level. Corporate rates can be prioritized before standard rates.

    Using highly configurable settings helps companies make significant cost-effective decisions.

As part of the implementation, you can choose online or offline implementation, or a combination of both.