Starting today, employees submit their expenses with 2 clicks using the cExpense app.

Who said managing employee’s expenses is complicated?

The Future is Here!

A process that turns the organization’s expenses management to more useful than ever.

  • Employees quickly scan expenses using their smartphone
  • Invoices are transferred to the administrator with one click
  • Employees receive an automatic refund in their paycheck
  • Managers have access to an enhanced analytics dashboard to easily manage and approve all expenses using their smartphone!
  • Tracking and alerting irregularities within the expenses
  • Documents are saved for 7 years

And there are tons of additional advanced functions.

Saying goodbye to paper and advancing to digital

The new income tax standards are already in force – bookkeeping is now possible through digital systems with no requirements to keep and store physical invoices and receipts.

Precisely now, when working remotely is more relevant than ever, there is a need for real solutions and applications for your company’s or organization’s conduct, accountants, and employees.

In current times, the working-from-home era, we understand that you need simple and easy solutions for managing the employees in your organization. This is why we developed cExpense the digital solution enabling you to control, confirm, and pay employees expenses in a way that is neater and more convenient than ever.

50 seconds that will completely change the way you work 

Do you want to experience the cExpense system in your office?

Enjoy a digital revolution that will organize your desk and headspace!

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