On one single platform, TAS application demonstrates  robust functionality. Competitors often operate from multiple independent systems (one for on line,another for a management tool and a third for an expense module), The TAS application is one end to end system with one installation and one Data-Base.

The end to end application enables unique functionality that cannot be achieved within a cumbersome architecture:
Consolidated reports, because all travel data is on one platform, analysis and control of on line, offline and expense report information is seamless, providing a complete comprehensive database view.

The same look and feel throughout the application ensures ease of use Online Control is very easily implemented which allows companies to control all travel and expense cash before it is spent. For example:
The application triggers an alert (before payment) in the event that a hotel order or payment is duplicated, once by the supplier and then the traveler as part of the expense report  cost saving

The budget matrix holds all travel budget data. All costs added to the trip are consumed against the budget matrix as part of the overall process (Travel request and expense report). Visibility of potential spend can influence approval decisions.

Statement match is another unique feature within TAS , The  finance  department can automatically match the TMCs issued proposals vs. statements
(including Airplus and UATP). Only the discrepancies are highlighted  This enables better Accuracy in TMC control, reduces finance work time and human errors.
There are many more examples of what can be implemented only when working within one integrated solution….