ComBTAS Company was established at 2006 by experts in the field of business travel management systems.
ComBTAS is a software company that specializes in the development of travel management systems for business companies and organizations and in the provision of consultation services in the field of business travel.
We are a motivated, dedicated and creative company, composed of developers, business travel experts, project managers, IT managers, QA specialists and Help Desk supporters. We aspire to make the business travel process in your corporate or SMB more efficient, clear and economical.
We have a lot of knowledge and experience in building travel systems and applications that we wanted to integrate into an end to end solution. That’s how the TAS was born.

• Avi leads ComBTAS business strategy in domestic and international markets as well as overall responsibility for customer engagements and investor relations
• A veteran of the IT and corporate travel market with vast experience delivering corporate IT systems to streamline organizational processes
• Prior to ComBTAS, Avi served in executive roles with ISTAA Travel, Ness Technologies and American Express

Avi Krudo – Founder & CEO

Avi Krudo – Founder & CEO

An entrepreneurial leader with innovative business perception, that creates comprehensive solutions with high business value.

Fascinated by the challenges of recovering companies and leading them back to the track of success.

My moto is to exceed customer expectations for mutual success.

Founder & CEO – Combats T&E solution of the Business Travel(2007 –2017   2019-present)

During my years in the industry of tourism and travel business, have identified market needs without a solution, that became critic pain points. After a deep research, decided to create an End-to-End robust solution via the technological system: “Management and control of business travel and expense” and in 2007 established Combtas

I led Combtas’ in both technological and business processes with:

  • The moto of “making business travel lean, efficient & economical”, which enables companies to save on average, 23% of their travel budget.
  • Strong technological relationships and distribution channels of leading GDSs and global TMCs.

Today it is the leading company in the Israeli market with more than 55% market share and more than 75% market capacity. It attracts many global companies, from SMEs to corporates, such as: all the Israeli government offices, Teva, Elbit systems, and hundreds more…  with overall of 300,000 trips per year running on the platform and more than 1 B $ per year running on the platform.

VP Technology of the group and manager of the subsidiary Al Goma – Diesenhaus Travel Group(2017 – 2018)

VP Technology, Tourism and Aviation Market Ness Technologies (2003 – 2007)

VP TechnologyAmerican Express (AMEX) & Issta Travel Group(1997 –2003)


Ehud Kremer – APAC CEO

Ehud Kremer – APAC CEO

  • Prior to being CEO of ComBTAS, he was the Global Business Director of CB VAT for United Cashback, managing various territories such as Israel, Thailand, Philippines & Brazil.
  • Ehud has a vast experience and expertise in global business development from a company with a well-known enterprise resource planning platform.
  • He used to serve as the executive Vice President for Strategic Accounts and Business Development for Ness Technologies, responsible in opening and retaining accounts globally. He also spearheaded marketing digital platforms and software that help corporations engage customers, differentiate their brands and drive revenue growth as well as developing roadmaps that identify ongoing opportunities to increase the value of their digital products and services.
Maya Faifer – VP R&D

Maya Faifer – VP R&D

  • Maya is working at ComBTAS since 2006. She started as a developer at the R&D and manage the R&D. She has 12 years of experience in the business travel field.
  • In her current role, Maya is responsible for planning and driving the roadmap of the company’s products.
  • Maya holds a B.Sc. of Software Engineer and she is a former officer of the intelligence corps.
  • She is married with two children and a dog and loves cooking and travel
Ido Kulaker – VP Global Sales

Ido Kulaker – VP Global Sales

  • Ido joined ComBTAS in 2008.
  • Ido serves as the company’s VP of Global Sales and has vast experience in managing sales from business development to managing pipeline to closing deals
  • Prior to this Ido served as project manager and was responsible for implementing most of ComBTAS customers.
  • The experience accumulated over the years as a project manager serves him today for selling the system and entering new markets Worldwide.
  • In his free time, Ido likes to travel in Israel and abroad.
Vika Chursin – Head of OnBoarding & Customer Success

Vika Chursin – Head of OnBoarding & Customer Success

  • Vika joined ComBTAS in 2007 and serves in various roles from QA to project manager and now runs ComBTAS’s worldwide Onboarding and Customer Success departments.
  • Vika guids the onboarding process for most of ComBTAS customers and she had vast knowledge in travel expense systems
  • Vika holds a B.A in Liberal Arts from Tel-Aviv university
  • In her free time, Vika enjoys to photograph and to go to exhibitions
Eyal Levin – CTO

Eyal Levin – CTO

  • Eyal leads the technology vision at ComBtas and has extensive experience developing IT solutions for the travel industry.
  • Eyal’s responsibilities including managing the company’s R&D division.
  • Led the successful establishment of ComBtas as a leading technological product in the industry.
  • Prior to ComBtas, he has taken part in multiple product development products at ISTA Travel and Amex.
  • If he wasn’t a tech genius, he’d be a carpenter.