Avi Krudo – Director Chairman

Avi Krudo – Director Chairman

  • Avi leads ComBtas’ business strategy in domestic and international markets and is responsible for customer engagement and investor relations.
  • A veteran of the IT and corporate travel market with vast experience delivery IT systems to streamline organizational processes.
  • Prior to ComBtas, Avi served in executive roles with ISTAA Travel, Ness Technologies, and American Express.
  • Avi used to be a bartender in his 20s and makes excellent cocktails.
Eyal Levin – CTO

Eyal Levin – CTO

  • Eyal leads the technology vision at ComBtas and has extensive experience developing IT solutions for the travel industry.
  • Eyal’s responsibilities including managing the company’s R&D division.
  • Led the successful establishment of ComBtas as a leading technological product in the industry.
  • Prior to ComBtas, he has taken part in multiple product development products at ISTA Travel and Amex.
  • If he wasn’t a tech genius, he’d be a carpenter.

Ido Kulaker – VP Global Sales

  • Ido joined ComBTAS in 2008.
  • Ido serves as the company’s VP of Global Sales and has vast experience in managing sales from business development to managing pipeline to closing deals
  • Prior to this Ido served as project manager and was responsible for implementing most of ComBTAS customers.
  • The experience accumulated over the years as a project manager serves him today for selling the system and entering new markets Worldwide.
  • In his free time, Ido likes to travel in Israel and abroad.
Vika Chursin – Head of OnBoarding & Customer Success

Vika Chursin – Head of OnBoarding & Customer Success

  • Vika joined ComBTAS in 2007 and serves in various roles from QA to project manager and now runs ComBTAS’s worldwide Onboarding and Customer Success departments.
  • Vika guids the onboarding process for most of ComBTAS customers and she had vast knowledge in travel expense systems
  • Vika holds a B.A in Liberal Arts from Tel-Aviv university
  • In her free time, Vika enjoys to photograph and to go to exhibitions
Maya Faifer – Product Manager

Maya Faifer – Product Manager

  • Maya is working at ComBTAS since 2006. She started as a developer at the R&D and manage the R&D. She has 12 years of experience in the business travel field.
  • In her current role, Maya is responsible for planning and driving the roadmap of the company’s products.
  • Maya holds a B.Sc. of Software Engineer and she is a former officer of the intelligence corps.
  • She is married with two children and a dog and loves cooking and travel
Uri Margalit – VP R&D

Uri Margalit – VP R&D

  • Uri oversees ComBTAS’s R&D worldwide. Prior to joining ComBTAS, Uri lead the product management department in Ayehu, a Cyber security company, Uri manages the design and the development of the new generation Ayehu’s flagship product, upgrading from fat-client into web-based.
  • Before Ayehu, Uri was director of product in a niche startup company, DBmaestro, in which Uri held various responsibilities and help the company grow.
  • Uri has vast knowledge and experience in product management, development and implementation of system critical programming solutions across a wide spectrum of IT services and infrastructures.
  • Uri is currently completing his MBA from the Ono Academic College.
  • Uri likes to bike with his children and practice martial art combat