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Our Key Advantages

On one single platform, TAS application demonstrates  robust functionality. Competitors often operate from multiple independent systems (one for on line,another for a management tool and a third for an expense module), The TAS application is one end to end system with one installation and one Data-Base.

The end to end application enables unique functionality that cannot be achieved within a cumbersome architecture:

Consolidated reports, because all travel data is on one platform, analysis and control of on line, offline and expense report information is seamless, providing a complete comprehensive database view.

The same look and feel throughout the application ensures ease of use Online Control is very easily implemented which allows companies to control all travel and expense cash before it is spent. For example:

The application triggers an alert (before payment) in the event that a hotel order or payment is duplicated, once by the supplier and then the traveler as part of the expense report  cost saving

The budget matrix holds all travel budget data. All costs added to the trip are consumed against the budget matrix as part of the overall process (Travel request and expense report). Visibility of potential spend can influence approval decisions.

Statement match is another unique feature within TAS , The  finance  department can automatically match the TMCs issued proposals vs. statements

(including Airplus and UATP). Only the discrepancies are highlighted  This enables better Accuracy in TMC control, reduces finance work time and human errors.


Contact us to discover many more unique one platform features of TAS

TAS application has a unique capability of Pre-trip budget management & control and policy enforcement
With this feature we enable the customer to control the money before it is actually spent.
The uniqueness of TAS application is that when creating the travel request, estimated costs are calculated for all services based on estimated costs tables  maintained per region/country/city, before actual proposal created.

Miscellaneous costs can also be added– for internet, cell phone, customer entertainment and more.
This enables pre trip budget consumption and enables managers to see the budget matrix from the very beginning and make decisions against the budget (estimated, proposals and actual) before issuing the trip.

TAS facilitates a unique process for trip requests sent to the TMC for proposal and issue. Other solutions in the market tend only to provide on-line booking solutions. When a company has to communicate with their TMC outside of the application, (via email or telephone) relevant TMC data cannot be captured. This leave a huge gap in terms of data completeness.

When using TAS, data relating to both On Line and Off Line Travel Requests are captured in the system. TAS enables the customer to both search and book on line and send off line requests to the TMC. The whole off line process can be managed within the system. On one platform, on line, offline and expense report information can be analyzed displaying a complete comprehensive database, As part of the implementation process – the customer can choose to implement either online, offline or a combination of both.


All communication with the TMC happens within the application

All TMC data is transferred automatically from the GDS and the back office to TAS: proposals, issued services and statements  This reduces the need to work with emails and telephone calls and enables management of all trip data in one place, providing a complete comprehensive database on one platform.



Many of our existing customers confess that by implementing TAS, enforcing company policy becomes easy. Alternative solutions provide limited approval levels, however, TAS can define:

  • Unlimited hierarchy levels according to company structure
  • Unlimited number of approval flows
  • Unlimited number of approval levels

In addition, exception approvers can be easily defined, For example:

  • A simple rule could be that an additional approver needs to be

added when 3 or more travelers travel to the same place at the same time.

  • Another example is adding additional approvers when a travel request is made at the

last minute.

This list is by no means exhaustive and demonstrates the flexibility of TAS by simply turning parameters on, off or tweaking them slightly, cost savings can be realised.
Visibility of traveller activity company-wide tends to change traveller behaviours.


  • The application can be installed in either the SaaS cloud based environment or as a Plug-In operating solution.
  • Some companies require a secure back bone solution due to security reasons, For example governments, defense organizations, banks and companies with secured business data
  • One of our major differentiators is the ability to provide both installation types

Implementation of the application is efficient using parameters that can be defined by project managers and implementers (no development teams required). From our best practice, most implementations take between 2-6 weeks depending on customer involvement.

Administrator menu enables project managers/company admin to: Build the application based on the company’s policy and regulations On going – Maintain/update data when relevant TAS is made up of modules built on one platform. Once one module is implemented, additional modules can be simply switched on and set up using a successful best practice implementation methodology.


Due to the application flexibility, customers have many choices to satisfy detailed requirements and specifications

  • Connect to all GDSs
  • Connect to all standard ERP applications
  • Connect to UATP/Airplus/AMEX for automatic statement reconciliation
  • Connect to different currency exchange web sites
  • Work with an unlimited number of TMCs concurrently
  • Installation can be via SAAS or within the internal backbone of the company. Additional requirements can be considered dependent upon company policy.


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